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Hi there ^_^! Welcome to my Patreon !

I am a Romanian freelancer artist who's been studying art since childhood and never stopped doing so,because putting down my feelings on a paper(digital,traditional) helps me cope with life ; and creating stuff keeps my brain alive :)) and my heart happy .   

I’ve always been curious about people of what they are thinking, of their facial expressions, and have been drawn to them so mostly I like to do portraits. I do from traditional work : sketches and paintings to digital ( but still learning at this point, i like to play with filters and brushes in photoshop and Paint Tool Sai ;and also lately i've been playing and creating characters in Medibang ) .                                   
After i graduated from art school i started working for a gaming company as a quality assurance tester. So for 3 years and so i struggle with art because of my work schedule :(, but i am never going to give up my passion and work hard for it ^_^.
So i usually draw on my lunch breaks at work on paper and on weekends at home on my  Gaomon PD 1560 display tablet  which i finally managed to buy In Dec last year ^_^.

Your participation is vital to this effort so any questions or suggestions are very much appreciated; so guys please help me so that i can focus on my passion more ^_^. You can write anything to me here:, or se my portfolio here:
and here: or even email me and ask stuff at [email protected]

Thank you very much for joining me !
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