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I have recently created a youtube channel to deliver news, but most importantly deliver objective commentaries on important affairs that either mainstream media does not cove, or covers poorly and biasedly. My youtube channel will feature interviews, commentaries and provide information to the American public so that they can make better decisions. My channel will not favor a particular party or candidate. 

I also create videos and compose music. I would like to use my talents as a video creator and music composer to raise awareness of world poverty, world hunger, and other critical matters around the world.

So far, this is a one-man show and it has been difficult, but I believe that with the right funding, I can invest in the necessary equipment to make all this happen. My enthusiasm has taken me this far and I am focused and determine to make it happen.

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about my enterprise.
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The funds will help us create a website, populate it, and create the social media channels like youtube and twitter to post across the web. We believe that a strong on social media is the key. We also believe that original video content needs to be distributed to more than one video service provider.  The funds will be used to buy equipment: computers, cameras, communication devices. These funds will also be used pay for yearly subscriptions of various services that will provide news content and writing services. 

Our goal is to have objective coverage of current affairs and make a very clear distinction to our visitors between content that is opinion and content that is just a fact. 

We believe that what the media does today is mixed these two elements and viewers are misled.

We believe that we can serve our nation better if we allow visitors and viewers to have a clear understanding of what they are experiencing. 

Thank you
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