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Who are we?
We are Critroll Studios, a small indie studio created to experience the game development process for ourselves. Critroll Studios exists out of five members:
  • Colin, small but essential. Mainly manages money and makes you look good in videos.
  • Ivo, little kid playing around with ideas and tools.
  • Marcel, pyromaniac art guy, bad at being Dutch (he's Frisian).
  • Samuel, lived in three countries, all English. Keeps us from losing track during meetings.
  • Daniel, salty dude with a creepy low voice. Does stuff with code.

Why are we here?
We decided to create this page on Patreon so we could potentially get better funding for our projects. A few things we have to purchase are: Unity licenses, Steam fees and coffee (tea for Ivo). Which, as you could imagine, can start to get expensive for a group of students.

Our goals
One of our main goals is to get a game on the market. With this we hope to learn a lot about game development and marketing, so we can improve further projects. Getting an actual game finished would also mean a lot for our portfolios, which seem to be a big deal in the game industry.
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We want to use this amount to dedicate to the essential licensing and publishing. Around this time we would like to improve general things like logo, banner and everything around that.
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