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Our first tier, named for our resident fluffy dog! As part of this tier, you will receive:

  • A one-time thank you promo package (contents may vary, but could include postcards, stickers, decals, pens, or more)

Basil's Buddies
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Our second (and most popular) tier, named for our mascot Basil! As part of this tier, you receive:

  • Access to one bonus magical episode each month
  • All of the rewards from the previous tier
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Our third tier, named after our most mischievous of felines. As part of this tier you will receive:

  • Access to occasional behind the scenes videos and vlogs
  • All of the rewards from previous tiers




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About CritterCast

“Like Wild Kratts for Wine Moms”…and dads, and non-parental gender non-binary folks! Join CritterCast hosts Cassie and Koreena as we talk about a different type of critter each episode – what are these critters all about? Why are they so weird? And why do we love them so damn much?

Here are the facts:
  1. CritterCast is a comedic podcast dishing out real and mind-blowing facts about all types of critters big and small.
  2. We put out brand new podcast episodes twice a month (every other Monday at 12:00am PST) for those Monday morning commuters!
  3. We're a 2-woman operation, pursuing a passion project on top of our very real and very demanding jobs.
  4. While CritterCast is a hobby for now, we put a lot of time and effort into making sure our listeners enjoy a high-quality audio experience.

So we're looking for Patreon supporters like you to join our family and officially become part of the CritterCast Crew! We've created a number of different tiers that you're welcome to join, starting at only $1 per month for access to extra special Patreon-exclusive content! What will your money be going to exactly? We'll break it down simple:

  • Paying fees for our hosting site (Blubrry)
  • Purchasing advertising materials (such as business cards and flyers)
  • Creating and providing merchandise (like stickers, t-shirts, and postcards!)
  • Upgrading our recording equipment and studio (to make a better experience for you!)
  • Funding a Reptile Show for Yolo County (this is a longterm goal of ours)
  • Funding future shows and projects, if we can get that far

Check out our Intro Video, and our list of Goals for more information!
$23 of $50 per month
When we reach $50 a month, we'll have a celebratory party and film each of our critters receiving a special treat. The resulting video will be uploaded exclusively to Patreon supporters!
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