is creating Mixed media sculpture
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About Joy

My name is Joy and my good friend Dawn and I just opened an online store called Critters and Covers where we sell 100 percent original, handmade, machine free, pattern free blankets and either crochet or mixed media animals. Now my passion is sculpture, but I'm not limited by it.
Dawn and I have kind of an unusual backstory. We met in prison (I know, but bear with me!) and bonded over a love of creating things. We both crochet (that is the only allowable craft in prison) and Dawn makes some amazing afghans. Check 'em out on our site. I do mixed media sculpture animals now, but all of my stuff was crochet at first.
Dawn still has 6 months to go but I told her that when I got out I would get us started, and I did. I've kept her in the loop every step of the way and she's even sending me things for the site from prison. She's super excited about this venture and super excited about you guys, our fans. So show your love and get some cool rewards like letters and updates from Dawn, videos of me mostly acting like a maniac, some cool sculpted jewelry and more.
With your help, the cost of maintaining an online store along with equipment, supplies and trying to get myself situated back in the world will be more manageable. For those who pledge, THANK YOU SOOO SOO much, you have no idea how much you mean to us.
Love y'all

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