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About Croakey Health Media

Climate change is a public health emergency. Yet many communities and health services are not well equipped to deal with the wide-ranging challenges involved.

We are asking for your support so we can provide regular, indepth coverage at of the health impacts of climate change, taking a local, national and global approach.

Croakey Health Media is an independent, low-budget media organisation based in Australia with a track record of providing public interest journalism focused on health equity.

Without your support, we will not be able to cover the health impacts of climate change in the depth that is desperately needed.

All funds raised through this Patreon account will go to a dedicated fund to pay writers and editors to put a sustained focus on the health impacts of climate change.

See the stories that we have already covered on the health impacts of climate change. We need to do so much more.

Please help us to produce stories that will help inform the health sector, policy makers, communities, families and others about how best to respond to this public health crisis.