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About Me and My Projects
Hey! I am a self-taught game developer who has a lot of games ideas! I also love telling stories, specifically in-depth world building type stories. While the project I focus on strays from time to time, my main desire is to create a 3D platformer. I am a huge fan of Spyro, and love similar games like Ratchet & Clank. While other games can include anything from puzzle games to first person shooters to RPGs, I hope any content I make interests and entertains you!

About Development And This Patreon
Game development is a challenging but fun process. There are a lot of steps that people like me love to observe and even contribute to. I created this patreon to give access to anyone who is interested. Find inside information like game development documents, roadmaps, process images, sneak peeks, and demos. Contribute to development with player insight, and help pave the way to a finished, polished product.

A Video from Old Art Tests - Update Coming Soon
Why I'm Asking for Support
I know I may not have the best setup to encourage patrons, but I find any support helpful. I can use these funds for things like assets, Unity subscriptions or other costs. One day I do hope to game dev full time, but I believe I will earn that thru a finished product, or a larger scale crowdfunding campaign. This option is to get in on the ground level, early, and help build the foundation. Thank you!

Why Patreon
Patreon give me the ability to give back to those who choose to support me. With some tailored perks, you can participate in my project closer and with more exclusivity. View to the right for what you can receive!

All contributions are greatly appreciated but never required. All community members are all loved! I hope that if you cannot support monetarily, you support with your interactions and ideas! Visit my Twitter for updates (and probably bad jokes, hot takes, and political arguments)
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Access to Tier 2 Patreon Posts and Get Demos Even Earlier. Every 2 weeks, receive my timesheet containing detailed information on when I developed, what I developed, and how long I spent on each part of development. You should know where your money goes, basically be my payroll time keeper
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Receive Tier 3 Patreon Posts and Get Demos MORE Early! Get access to Road Maps, and will be directly asked opinions on design questions
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I will do a gamejam within the month for a theme voted upon Patrons, and the released game will be released exclusively for Patrons.
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