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About Crooked Table

We’ve long considered “the world of film from a fresh angle,” but the relaunched takes that slogan to the next level. With both a newfound focus on fresh voices and perspectives, the site aims to highlight not only the latest Hollywood blockbusters but also independent films, documentaries and other gems that moviegoers might otherwise miss.

The NEW Crooked Table Podcast expands this approach further. The show welcomes both professional film critics and passionate fans alike, as we discuss the movies that mean something to them. After all, every film speaks to each person differently, and it’s this fact we’re looking to celebrate with our podcast.

In the short term, our goal is simply to offset the expenses necessary to keep the site and podcast active. We hope to soon purchase additional equipment to create more compelling content and reach a broader audience. Eventually, we would like to expand the content creation process and bring in other writers and podcasters as contributors.

Your support here will feed our ambition and foster future growth. For that, we are eternally grateful. So, if you’re even considering becoming a patron, thank you so much in advance. And if you’re ready to join in the fun, pull up a chair.

Welcome to Crooked Table!
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Let’s call this one the break-even goal. If I hit $25 per month, I will be able to largely cover the cost of maintaining the website and podcast as is. This will lay a foundation from which further greatness can spring. Fingers crossed.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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