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About Crossover Xperience Films

Thank you for viewing our page and to all of our patrons out there.  We have had the privilege to follow the lives of extraordinary young people who leave their home country to achieve dreams in another country and culture abroad.  Our journey started with one Japanese girl from Hamamatsu, Shizuoka named Kanna Suzuki.  Kanna's dream was to play basketball in the USA and events unfolded that would make her dream a reality.  Through uncertainty, setback and triumph, Kanna's story has evolved beyond her imagination.

Your patronage enables us to continue recording and producing the SUZUKI CHRONICLES, as well as introduce other series under Crossover Xperience Films.  We have followed Kanna for over 7 years now and she is currently having a successful college career.  Your support allows us to travel, record and produce more frequent episodes, as well as special bonus footage.

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