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Hello friends, I am here for YOU.
Allow me to introduce myself quickly as an entrepreneur who had just begun to achieve his dreams. In just one weekend, by utilizing leverage, I made close to $10 million dollars. However, that dream was quickly squashed, as I fell victim to White-collar crime. A crime that was aided by corruption - as it never could have happened without collusion from government officials.

After the incident, I quickly realized this happens all the time to those who are targeted by societies' "elite". In fact, after researching this topic for years, I have come to find you are a victim of White-collar crime, too.  There is a force assembled against the masses, a coordinated effort generated by the few who are members of secret societies.  Unlike college frats, they are a real brotherhood, and they are enslaving you with lies. Do not let this fact escape you.

Crowdtessa is our (not so) secret society. A union of the common man. A non-violent intellectual response to the problems that are plaguing our society. There are great people in government, let us reach them with OUR united voice. A billion whispers has achieved nothing. One powerful voice is what is needed, the most powerful force ever created... If you help make it happen.

"The only way we are ever going to be able to combat this force that has been assembled against the common man, is by the common man coming together and becoming a force itself." - Gregory Hyll  

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This allows me to give 100% of my time to the only cause that matters.  Giving YOU leverage. I have a revolutionary idea that never before could be achieved until right this moment. I am making videos and documenting what will be a historic event. The time is now, please join and support YOUR cause. 
Separate we are Weak, Together we are Strong. Get it? Good!
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