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About KeenKoala

Greetings, Guardians!  I'm KeenKoala, the creator and host of Crucible Boot Camp, a show dedicated to helping Destiny's Crucible participants to learn and improve through gameplay critique.  Twice a week, I create this show using gameplay provided by you, and provide a customized critique to assist you in improving.  I do this by using both my education in psychology, philosophy, and statistics, as well as my knowledge from an extensive lifetime of play in sport and competition both physical and digital.

Not only do I live-stream critiques every Monday and Thursday night,(7pm PDT) but I routinely write longer, supplemental strategy articles in my Crucible Book Club series using popular texts in sports psychology, competition, and military tactics.

This venture has been an absolute blast to produce every week and I would like to both continue it, as well as improve the quality of content for future growth!  Since starting the show, I have been amazed and humbled by the outpouring of support from the small community that has sprung up around it, and would love to be able to provide that to a greater audience.

As you can see in the video above, I have the capability and passion to provide quality feedback on not just a person-by-person basis, which I also do, but an entire team.  In addition, I provide personal and hands-on tutoring available on request.  If you are interested in private 1-on-1 or team tutoring, feel free to email inquiries to me here!

Finally, all backer rewards are awarded monthly (payment all goes through on the 1st of every month), they are not one-time only.  Every month you support me you'll get entered into another giveaway raffle, another X hrs of tutoring sessions (depending on backing level), more invites to backer only events and content, etc.
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Full-time Koala

This is my threshold for completely changing my life and doing tutoring, Crucible Boot Camp, and any other projects I pick up along the way as my full-time career.  This is a very lofty goal, but one I would very much like to reach one day.

I'm putting this goal here as something for me to constantly be striving for and keep me motivated.
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