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Every month, you'll be the first to get notified for my products, my sales, commissions, adoptables, and tutorials 3 days before I post them on my social media! You'll also get to see doodles and sketches that I never really post on my accounts.
+ You will also get a free headshot doodle that I will draw in my sketchbook

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Thank you so much for choosing this tier!! My rewards for this tier will include the same as the previous but with added benefits such as:
- 20% off orders on any of my products/commissions/adoptables/etc.

- One digitally colored headshot sketch 

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I wouldn't be able to thank you enough if you choose to donate this much to me kdfsdkjf <3
Prizes for this tier includes:
- all previous tier prizes

- 30% off any commission/adoptable/products/etc.

- I will ship you a small gift package as a token of thanks, which will include a custom resin charm, some stickers I've made + extra surprise goodies and art 




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About Cryborg

Hey guys! Welcome to my Patreon! My name is Cry and I'm a freelance artist. I often dabble in different forms of art, but the medium I'm most familiar with is digital illustrations, especially character designs and portraits. I also do side projects such as experimenting with stickers, merch making, resin casting, and other craft-related hobbies. The reason why I'm starting a patreon is because I want to interact more with a number of people who are genuinely interested in my work and my projects, as well as getting funds to support my living and my hobbies so I can provide more for myself and others in the future. Thanks a lot for checking out my page!! 
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My goal with patreon is to be able to support myself with my dorm life. The money I earn with my art all goes to food and needs since I live very far away from home. I also do part-time work IRL but since I'm a uni student, I get too busy with school work and unable to go home to help out. It would be incredibly kind if anyone wants to donate or support me anywhere. Thank you for giving me a chance!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts