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That's it - that's all. I'm grateful for your willingness to partner with me on this journey, rather than attaching a dollar value to the pursuit of my art. This single membership tier will give all patrons full access to the process of my work, special offers and discounts, not to mention other cool stuff.





Cryomera is a project through which I explore themes such as relationships, faith, technology and nature through highly detailed pen and ink illustrations, which are later carved into woodblocks to create analogue reproductions of my own work.

("Nian v2" via Instagram;)


Cryomera developed from a desire to make illustrative work more than just a casual interest.
My area of focus was originally pen and ink prints, but has now expanded to include relief prints, custom t-shirts, sticker making, and more.


As my life progressively centers around creating art, I aim to make Cryomera the prime focus of my daily work so I can experiment with more subjects, styles and media. My foremost desire is to show gratitude for any and all who have the ability to contribute to my page.
For now, I have chosen to forego the commonly utilized tier system of giving and will instead implement a single payment option of $2

With this amount I will:
  • Offer monthly discounts for products in my online store
  • Provide extensively insight into my creative processes
  • Post time-lapse videos capturing the evolution of my work from start to finish
  • Endeavor to keep the lines of communication open between myself and my patrons, inviting the free flowing exchange of suggestions and ideas


With your help, I seek to find the freedom and flexibility to:
  • Produce high-quality artwork on a consistent basis
  • Broaden my production to include a wide array of media
  • Expand my travel to a variety of locations to share my work
  • Continue to connect and collaborate with other like-minded creatives
  • Give back to the people who are graciously supporting my passion


Well, I'll be attending some cool shows next year and with that will come a slew of updates. If you're interested in joining me as I work toward my new goals, I have nothing but thanks to give and ideas to share in this newly formed community.

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As a first goal, achieving this would help me significantly. This amount each month would grant me a bit of freedom to experiment with other media outside of pen and ink, and of course, the chance to document for you all.
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