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About Crypto Moon

Hi random stranger, my name is Crypto Moon, and I'm a crypto enthusiast just like you.

My crypto journey might have started after yours as I've been in this world for only 4 months now, but I'm quite confident that I managed to get a relatively good grasp of crypto in general, and particularly about ICOs, in which my spreadsheet is all about.

The spreadsheet will provide you all the essential information about a particular ICO and the potential returns it could provide you in the long and the short term, based on my own calculated ratings.

The ratings are mostly calculated with objective metrics such as the hard cap, the proportion of circulating supply, the vesting-period, KYC process, social media reach and the website traffic.

There's obviously a few subjective metrics such as the project's idea, the team, the advisory board and the state of development that I personally evaluate. People frequently share their suggestions about ICOs I reviewed or new ones that they would like me to look into.

I regularly update the metrics based on my research and the suggestions brought by the community. I'm working on implementing a few other metrics, such as the token utility, the token velocity and network effects. A metric taking into account the past ICOs that performed well could be an interesting one to add as well.

The money will allow me to leave my current part-time job and give me the opportunity to use that time to improve and update the spreadsheet. An important thing to know is that I am still going to university so I won't be working full-time on the spreadsheet, but I will do my best to provide you the best value nevertheless.

I hope to see you soon on the Telegram group to discuss about crypto and other things.

Thank you for your support !

Crypto Moon
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I'll leave my part-time job and use the extra time to improve and update the spreadsheet along with my current university studies.
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