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Hi there! Thank you for taking a look at my patreon. I chose to make a patreon (as opposed to a gofundme) because I wanted to be able to be personal with those supporting me. So thank you, all who are supporting me, for the time you have given to hear my story.

For those who may not know my story, I'll give you a quick run down. I grew up in a house with a border-line abusive mother. Not abusive enough to report, but abusive enough to leave a mark, physical and mental. I have a physical dent in my head from her not listening when I was a kid and telling her she was putting my hair in too tight of a ponytail on the corner of my head. She lost my birth certificate and made no moves to find it or get a new one. (I found it on my own) Those are some of the worst experiences that I've had, but there are more throughout my life, such as the time I told my birth mother that I wanted to run away and kill myself. She said that she wouldn't let me out of my room, but the window was wide open.

The birth certificate thing happened 2 years ago, and since then I have worked and gone to college- all with the expectation that after my two years there I'd be able to come home, finish my ties in my home town, clean everything up in my old home, and then move on with life and have the chance to you know, grow up. Instead I was met with "Well, if you're not going to live with us then what's the point of you coming home? After you're done at college we'll just let you figure out your ride to wherever you're going to live on your own."

My birth mother had decided that because she didn't get to control where I live, she didn't want to see me at all. If she didn't get to keep her thumb over me then she didn't want to support me. 

So now I'm looking for ways to work to support myself. Patreon proceeds will go straight to an account that will not be touched until I've saved up enough for a car. After I get a car, those who are still willing to support me in exchange for the writings that I'll give you, your donations will again, be put into a savings account that will not be touched until I'm ready for my big move to Kansas City, where I'll be perusing my dream of having an acting/play writing career. 

I wish to be clear, Patreon is not my only source of income. I'm currently living with a family that has taken me in, and while living with them I am pursuing work as a waitress, a retail clerk, you know, "normal jobs" But this Patreon wouldn't just be a way for me to receive funds, it'd be a way for me to hone my writing abilities and get my work in the hands of people who want it. In short, this Patreon is something that would pave the way for me to have the job of my dreams- which your help will never be forgotten.
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after 30 months of this I'll have what I'll need to get a car

(I'll take this cost down as what I save goes into it)
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