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About Igor Valianski

I created Patreon pledge for one of my side projects that relate to the education of masses about cryptocurrencies and blockchain more in-depth. You can learn here how to deploy blockchain infrastructure with the use of robust open source tools. I believe that self-hosted and self-audited infrastructure is most secure. simply because you can see what happens on the backend more in-depth.

I will use every tool and skill at my disposal to help people understand what cryptocurrency and blockchain mean for us as a human race.  I will help people rediscover it on the completely different level. Hopefully, regulators will stop call cryptocurrencies a bubble or money laundering instrument.  Which is most certainly not. Though some people and bad actors can create token and attached to some unachievable goals. The most dangerous instrument of money laundering is actually cash assets that are still used to a great extent 

I am a trained Network and Cybersecurity Specialist  

Personal Note:
I have Cerebral Palsy, but that doesn't limit me in doing my duties and be active. As one of those people, I believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain serve as a tool of empowerment for those who are less fortunate and gives them the ability to make a difference in this world. 

Blockchain enables us to build trust in every aspect of life - personal or business. Governance, Non-Profit Transparency, Right of ownership. The smart contract is also helping us being honest with one another by eliminating worst qualities and temptations of us all and making us all better and helps us, judge, each other based on actions and not just words. It will eventually transform us and our way of view on things and matters of life and respect for others, for the greater good of all.
It will force us to be/do our jobs better and will help us make more reasonable, meaningful decisions.  Creates a better and safer world, where every voice is heard and not silenced in a true freedom of speech and self-expression. Where every vote, currency or focument  can't be counterfeited.
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