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As a client you get access to every information available to the team including:

- Bitcoin and Altcoin Analysis: Frequent and careful analysis of various assets to determine price direction.

- Bitcoin and Altcoin Trade Recommendations: Carefully timed trade executions to raise chances of making profit on Bitcoin and other assets.

- Bitmex Trade Recommendations: Trade on Bitmex with exceptional guide from team members. Learn all about leveraging and execution. Avoid liquidation.

- Bitmex Auto Trader: Get access to an API system that will allow trades to be automatically executed for you. This helps with time zone differences

- Daily Scalp Tarding: Maximize your profit making frequency by scalping on different assets within a day. Suitable for very active traders.

- ICO Analysis, Pools and Recommendation: In depth analysis of ICOs. Potential profit making ones get recommended. Pools will be opened for highly expected profitable projects. Private sale participation.


- Gem Portfolio Recommendations: Searching through the haystack and finding those assets that have over 20x rising potential for mid to long term hold. Suitable for refined investors.

- Portfolio Management: Diversification is of importance. Clients can have their portfolio reviewed and recommendations made according to their preference to suit their lifestyle.

- Trading Tutorials: Video and text content on how to become an expert trader using the necessary tools

- Email Notifications On All Events: All official information will be communicated by email. This minimizes the chances of clients missing out on anything.

- Educational Content: Teaching material to help in shaping the mindset of clients to not only be successful traders but good managers of funds.


- Unlimited Request: The most impressive of all these is the Unlimited Request benefit. What this simply means is that as a client, you can request for any information, analysis, recommendation, or anything at all imaginable and the team will see to it that you get satisfied. You're the client!

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Crypto Pro is made up of a team of individuals with years of experience in analysis and financial investing - including cryptocurrencies. Our mission is to be a hub of information for the crypto community and our clients in relation to cryptocurrency investment and blockchain technology.

With hours and days of deep research and analysis, we offer the best of information to help our followers and clients in making a meaningful investment decision.

We understand how being a client can be costly and that's why we make sure every penny counts. One of our client benefits is the Unlimited Request feature. As a client you have unlimited privileges to request for anything you want - analysis, recommendations, suggestions, etc. We do what you want and we do it the best way possible. Check on the right side for more of the benefits.

We don't give financial advice. We only make our research and analysis available to the community and our clients.

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