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Hi everyone, my name is Crystal Montas and I'd like to welcome you to my Patreon. By being a patron of my work, you're not only supporting me making my illustrations, but also you're giving me the opportunity to give back to all of you! Right now you may be wonder:

But what's a Patreon?
You know those cool websites where you pay like $8+ monthly and you get to watch all the anime/cartoons/shows you want? Or more specifically, those music streaming website where paying a monthly subscription cost gets you access to making your own playlists, more music, and offline streaming? Well, Patreon is kind of like that! When you become a patron of my work, you will get access to exclusive rewards like never before seen sketches, limited edition postcard prints, and personalized art advice and critiques from me to help you on your art journey. And since everything in life should be a mutual exchange, every first of the month you will be billed depending on your reward tier and will be directly supporting me, the creator.

Alright, Patreon's cool and all, but who are you?
I'm a Latina artist based in Boston, Massachusetts who loves traditional and digital illustration, oh and animated cartoons! Through my love of reading concept art books and illustrating, I discovered a desire to share all the  knowledge I have acquired with others! In my mind, sharing information can only be beneficial in the end; it can inspire other artists who are in the early stages of their art journey and create a stronger art community. So, let's all continue on this non-linear art journey together!

Okay I'm interested! But how do the rewards work?
So depending on the tier, each reward will be given out on a specific date. 

Sketchbook Club rewards for $5 patrons are posted every two weeks, so twice a month. These posts will include process pictures as well of any in progress illustrations I have going on at the moment. 

Postcard Club rewards for the $10 patrons are sent out middle of the month after you pledge. So if you pledge by the end of September, you'll receive the ooky spooky Halloween postcard in mid-October.

Illustration 101 Club rewards for the $15 patrons are a bit different. So, on the first week of every month I will post the announcement for the art critique and advice being open, and you guys will have until the end of the week to send me your questions along with artwork you may need help on. I'll then go through and give each of you a personalized critique on how to help you improve your art. You will also have another opportunity to send in your art for critique and advice on the third week of the month! In addition, you will also get access to videos of my painting and illustration process.

Okay, so I think I have talked your ear off at this point hahah! ♥ But if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]!
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Sketchbook Club
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I take you through my sketchbook and iPad sketches on a bi weekly basis! Here I’ll share my ideas, how I work with concepts, and my process from first sketch to finished illustration. 

Monthly Postcard Club
per month

Receive an exclusive monthly 5”x7” print that will only be available here! Each print comes with a little “thank you“ doodle personalized by me. Plus, get access to all previous tiers. 

Illustration 101 Club
per month

Get exclusive access to monthly videos of my paintings and illustrations as I walk you through my process.  In addition, every first and third week of each month, I will be offering art critiques and general art advice! In this tier you can send me by email photos of your art work along with any questions or uncertainties you may have, and I will guide you on how to elevate your art and skills (via sketching on top digitally). Plus, get access to all previous tiers. 

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