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Welcome to my patron. 

What i inspire dor thia venture is to connect with people who believe in my vision. 

I can’t promise anything right now but I promise you that I’m working my hardest bring as much as I can to the table.  

So if the spirit moves moved you do what you feel! 

Because I want to show special appreciation and to KNOW that I’m meeting your expectations. I’m adding value by sharing content with the world on my podcast YouTube channel ig and Snapchat. 

But PATREON is for my diehard Gems! 
And I hope I can fill that space for you. 

My hashtag #lifeofachristiancospalyer 
#sfxmakeupglamcosplay #bgcodegal #crystalmangacafe is a way for you to get my content for free! 
So no pressure to spend $ unnecessarily. However, if you believe in me and enjoy what I bring you are not only helping me to meet my dream goals but also by your very presence here give me hope and I want to return the favors.  So welcome to the SOMEWHAT sometimes crazy life of crystal gem! 

Also so check out my Meetup for cosplayers on Crystalmangacafe you DO NOT HAVE TO BE A COSPTO JOIN! 
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This helps with buying small things like accessories from Spirit of Halloween!
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