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Hey You! Look Down Here!
You! Yes you! Thank you very much for browsing my Patreon page! This is what makes what I love to do possible, which is hanging out with you guys on stream! We all have very busy lives, and I am glad I can sometimes make you happy buy streaming content for you. The best part is hanging out with you guys and hearing some fun crazy stories. I do giveaways as a way to give back, but the problem is those cost money. I want to continue to expand and to only get better but cash is going to be a issue. That is where you guys can help me, help you and others! By donating a small amount of cash monthly you will help me expand my community, and bring more people to our community. It also lets me give back to you guys also! The cash you donate will go into giveaways and better equipment! This is your call to help me!
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This will let me start to host more and bigger giveaways! This will help take the financial strain off me when I am doing giveaways, so it would let me be more generous when I host them. It would also let me start focusing on other expenses, like a website or merchandise for CSFidelity Staff Members!
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