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Note: In the video above I called this "The New American Songbook", but specifically it'll be songwriters who have been popularized in American culture, regardless of where they are actually from!

Hi, friends. I've been so fortunate to have your support since I started Christopher the Conquered all the way back in 2006! At the beginning of 2016, I was able to make the move to doing this work full time, and making it work financially isn't always easy, but it's wonderful to have the opportunity to spend my time focusing on my art.

I've created this Patreon page as a way to connect more closely with my biggest supporters through a mutual appreciation I know we all share for great songs. I will be recording covers (with piano and voice) of songs by classic songwriters and making them available EXCLUSIVELY to my Patreon supporters. Think Carole King, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Leon Russell, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Nina Simone, John Lennon, etc.

These are gonna be high-quality, beautiful recordings you can listen to over and over. As proof of this, here's a cover of Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" to give you an idea of what's in store.

In addition to connecting with you over great music, this project will enable me to become a better songwriter by studying some of the greatest compositions in modern music history. This development plus your financial support will help me to continue creating new original works as Christopher the Conquered.

How it works:
  • Sign up to support me at a level you are totally comfortable with.
  • Every time I release a cover song, Patreon will process your support, and you will get an amazingly awesome reward! Check out all the rewards on the right side of this page. --->
  • You will only be charged when I release a song. At most, I will release 4 songs per month, sometimes less, sometimes none (hey, sometimes I gotta go on tour and record albums!).
    • To be clear, if you sign up to support me at $1/song, then the most you could possibly spend is $4/month, which will get you access to 4 songs! Got it? Cool.
      • To be extra clear, you can even set a monthly max, so you can support me now for as little as $1/month!
    • It's really easy to sign up for a higher level if you want access to a particularly exciting reward just once, and then go back down to another level of support.

The real goal here? To write and record the best songs I possibly can about life and pain and our hearts and our souls and the future and everything else, and to perform them for people all over the world and leave joy in my wake. TO REPLACE HATRED WITH CREATION.

So if you are a fan and want to support me in my endeavors, this is a great and fun way to do it. I love you for giving me the opportunity to commit my life to making meaningful art.

Christopher the Conquered
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Pledge $1 or more per song (Streams)
per Song
You will receive:
  • Access to my patron-only stream of covers of classic singer-songwriters
Pledge $3 or more per song (Downloads)
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You will receive:
  • A free download of each song
  • + All previous rewards
Pledge $5 or more per song (Requests)
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You will receive:
  • Opportunity to request songs for me to cover (and yes, I will actually honor your requests)
  • + All previous rewards
Pledge $10 or more per song (Demos)
per Song
You will receive:
  • A monthly demo of a new song I am working on. Some of these will be super fleshed out with full instrumentation, some just piano/voice demos I make on my phone. There may also be some alternate takes and un-released material from past sessions.
  • + All previous rewards
Pledge $20 or more per song (Producer)
per Song
You will receive:
  • Credit as a producer on each song
  • + All previous rewards
$123 of $150 per Song
When we reach $150/song, I will cover an entire classic album of your choice! I'll use a survey to take votes on which album you want me to cover and I'll release the covers of each song from the record in order, interspersed with other songs.
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