Cthulhumishka (Ктулхумишка)

is creating original music, illustrations, comics and other weird stuff
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Это суровый мир, и я очень благодарен за то, что ты пообещаешь мне свою последнюю монету. Ты получишь моё благословение и моё сожаление о твоей бедности (ну а так же доступ к контенту только для культистов). 

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The world is still tough, but you are fighting back! It is commendable... I like it! I will need your opinion on some projects that we will be discussing in Your Opinion? section. Also, you will be able to sneak peek at my mischievous plans through Work In Progress content.

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Мир всё еще суров к тебе, но ты продолжаешь борьбу! Это похвально... мне нравится! Мне потребуется твоё мнение для работы над некоторыми проектами, которые мы будем обсуждать в секции "Твоё мнение?". Так же у тебя появится возможность узнать какие мерзкие делишки я планирую в дальнейшем через доступ к "В разработке". 

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About Cthulhumishka (Ктулхумишка)


✌Greetings to you my future, past and former Comrades-Cultists! I am Cthulhumishka. Half teddy bear.... half Cthulhu.... Don't even ask! Someone had poor imagination when they were giving me my name.

🙏Firstly, thanks for checking this page! You’ve already come so far to see what this is all about, and I can’t thank you enough for that. I hope that this weird/maverick/rebellious/alternative/etc. art project will be interesting and fun enough for you (personally, I have bloody hell of a fun doing all this).

👀Secondly, please take a second and check the Language Poll bellow 👇 to figure out what language is used the most among the visitors of this page. We are trying to have the content in both languages (English and Russian), and hopefully I can train my human to speak Japanese and French in the future, but this individual is not really bright so... it might take a while.

Here are some little housekeeping notes about this Patreon campaign:

1. WHERE MONEY WOULD GO. I mentioned it in my GOALS section: I will be buying socks... and let's be honest here, I will be also buying food. My human is working his ars off at work, so it would be nice if he could spend more time on creating music and art.

2. NEW CONTENT EVERY WEEK! I try to post here quite often, minimum one post a week... and it can be anything. I am not a professional in many ways, but I love trying new medias and techniques (animation, audio production, storytelling, filming, etc) sometimes going far beyond my expertise. I let my intuition lead the way and believe that this is what makes ART real. So stick around, I have lots of things to share!

3. REFUNDS AT ANY TIME. It is not easy to be creative folks these days, especially when one creative individual is helping other creative individual. I understand that and if you ever feel like your donation could save you a meal this month, but it was already pledged, let me know and I will refund you your amount no questions asked.

4. MY GOAL. My goal in setting up this Patreon campaign is to expand such extravagant project that erases the brink of our reality, so I can make more music, artwork, comics (stickers, games, videos, toys, real-life concerts and performances... gosh... just anything that comes to mind, because only imagination is the limit), more often and make it as weird, absurd and surreal as it can be. And I am hoping if you join my exclusive community of Cultists I will be able to create better content for everyone to enjoy.

5. WHY AM I DOING THAT? Well, I think that everyone is so damn serious about themselves these days. Every day, getting through the rubble of plain content that mass media and the Internet have been feeding us, I grew tired from lack of originality and ubiquitous approval of human arrogance. It almost looks like this world is not a place for weirdos and strange folks like us. And ooooh.... they are sooo wrooong!!!!

$66 of $100 per month
If I reach $100 a month, I will be able to sustain myself (and my human that does some things for me like filming, drawing comics, animating, etc.) with some food and a new pair of socks.

Stop smirking! The struggle is real!!! As soon as we reach this goal, you will get a new comics with a sock puppet character from the track "The Struggle"!

Если я достигну $100 в месяц, я смогу покупать еду и новую пару носков человеку который снимает мне видео, делает анимацию, рисует комиксы и т.д.

Не надо ухмыляться! Это реальная проблема!!! В общем как-только эта цель будет достигнута, подписчики получат новый комикс о кукле из носка из трэка "The Struggle"!
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