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Backstraps are like the spine of a book or muscle structure to support one's back.  

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About C.T. Strickland of CT Music Straps

Hi this is

C.T. Strickland

I want to thank you so much for stopping by our Patreon page. I really appreciate you taking the time to learn more about my leather work we create with some help from apprentices I train. The Presentation Video at top of our Page is FREE content to introduce a quick overview of what we do featuring my first apprentice. Once you learn about what I do you and want to view my LATEST instructional video, APPLYING ANTIQUE FINISH, (bottom of this About section), you must become a Patreon for at least the minimum level to unlock the content.

Your support at even the smallest level means so much to me. I am grateful to all who appreciate this art form of leather craft. As long as you're here, allow me to tell you more about my work, company and brand that we create. l will also tell you how to become one of our Patreon’s and you can choose Reward levels.

A Hobby turned Company Product

I started leather crafting various items in 1976 and turned a hobby into a business when I founded CT Music  Straps Inc. in 2004. We hand craft custom, made to order leather guitar, mandolin, and banjo straps for musicians and award-winning recording artists of various genres.  Some have graced the stages of the Grande Ole Opry, and have won Grammys.

Our products are top quality, made totally in America and we listen to the customer from design to delivery so the finished product is unique and made to order.

We plan to expand our operation to design and build standard accessories beyond instrument straps to include band merchandise for fans or clients who may not play an instrument but appreciate wristbands, headbands, key fobs, wallets, belts and bags. To do this we need more staff and more materials to prepay these costs before they sell.
Read Client Reviews of our Custom Work

My First Black Suede and Crystal Strap
Built for Grammy Award Winner, Rhonda Vincent

See Our Official Website for Examples of High Quality Custom Handcrafted Instrument Straps

Also check our Instagram for more images of our work.  

 Hand Carved Inlay Strap with Swarovski Crystal Border
I teach beginner and apprentice workshops in a community maker-space which I pay for use of the facility and educate the public about handcrafting completely from scratch, fine leather articles whether custom or standard.

There is a small facility/ instructor tuition for the orientation class only, but those interested in learning more I often mentor at my expense so they can cultivate their arts and crafts skills. Photos and footage of these sessions are a helpful teaching aid for Workshops, highlights, tips, short lessons and tutorials.

The presentation video at the top of our Patreon Page covers a few highlights of what goes in to making a custom guitar strap. Until we can produce the next Session Video, here are a couple of links that show some still photos.

Photo of Beginner Leathercraft Workshop on our Facebook

Photos of Apprentice Workshop at Forge Greensboro Makerspace on our Facebook

What is Patreon and How You can help us:

Patreon allows you to become a patron, so you can pledge whatever amount you want to support us and have member’s access to the our content and rewards at your level for each workshop video, tutorials, or behind the scenes images or footage.

Patreon members are the first to see our new content before it goes public. If you sign up per video content, you’re only charged when we release. If you want to consistently back us you can set up your own monthly budget and nothing is charged your account until the first of each month and you can cancel at any time.

This money then goes to helping us bring you more videos by covering immediate workshop session expenses, tools and equipment to help us more efficiently produce our American craftsmanship.

Our goal is to release at least one new Workshop Or Instructional video each month.

The time training craftsmen, those who help me by running camera, editing videos, and the materials we often purchase more efficiently in bulk are not all covered by custom project sales. Some interns and friends help us as volunteers, because it is what they enjoy, but we would like to compensate them better. We want to put these videos out often, and we are trusting you can support us in that effort.

Thank you for taking time to read this page!

We anticipate bringing you exciting information and projects in the months ahead!
$0 of $500 per Video of Leathercraft Workshop Sessions
At this monthly level, we can compensate a little time for our camera people, some craftsman involved in teaching, and training plus keeping a variety of leather supplies in stock for the purpose of the workshop sessions, especially for beginners who start with nothing. We would also like to include making a small handcrafted leather item to serve as a reward for our generous supporters who go beyond the minimum.
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