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is creating a live music channel.
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It doesn't matter how much you give, because every little thing matters. Thank you again and again.

-Patron status on Discord

-Priority game additions

Benefits might be added later on. If they are, you can claim them when I announce them on Discord!

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Thanks for going above and beyond by not only actually giving me money, but giving enough to meet this tier. As soon as I think of more things to give you, I'll add them!

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-Priority game additions

-30 minutes dedicated to your favorite VG music

*Please note that your time slot might be delayed until streaming can become more regular. Thank you for understanding.

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About VG Music Streams

Hiya! I'm a game design student hosting video game music streams from my college dorm in my free time! My life practically revolves around making connections through gaming, and it's a lot of fun! But there are also things that I want to do better on, and I can only do that with a little bit of help.

I will be constantly working to improve and add to the stream over time, with the first major goal being the hardest hurdle - acquire a dedicated, 24/7 streaming machine. For what I'm doing, it doesn't need to have the best hardware, but it's still a lot for a part time worker! If you'd like to donate, it is incredibly appreciated, and not without it's perks!

Here are some things that I hope to add:
-Music requests via bot commands!
-Discord & chat bots for moderation, handling track requests, game addition requests, etc.
-Loyalty points and cool rewards (accrued by listening and/or chatting)!
-Gameplay clips associated with the current track.
...And so much more. Only time will tell.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about me, what I do, and considering contributing to the effort! At the end of the day, it's all about listening to some fire music.