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Patrons in the Common tier will receive access to Patron only posts, including access to spoilers in advance. Those posts will be available on here and on a private Patron-Only Discord channel!

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Patrons in the Uncommon tier will receive a random Magic card that we deem significant in the mail each month!

This card could be signed/altered (by us or anyone), or it could just be a playable staple that we think you should have.  

Warning: the card could occasionally not be sleeve playable, but will always have comedic value if so.

Uncommon Patrons will also receive the rewards from the Common tier.

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Patrons in the Rare tier will receive a random Magic card that we deem significant in the mail each month, just like the Uncommon tier. Additionally, they will receive a handwritten thank-you note along with a short personal (probably silly) anecdote from that month.

As a bonus, we'll  also create a unique custom card for you! This card could be whatever you want it to be, and you can be as specific as you'd like. You can include your preferred art as long as it doesn't contain excessive violence or nudity. For example, we could create a custom planeswalker or legendary creature for you based on a character you like. We will include a copy of your card, printed on thick high quality paper, in your monthly letter.

If your card works within a custom cube we're designing, we'll also include it in that cube with your name on it! (As long as the card is compatible with the cube.)

Rare Patrons will also receive the rewards from the Common tier.

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Cube Forge Designs is a small design team run by two Magic players who have been friends for more than half their lives. We create cohesive custom cubes, and always focus on the end goal being a fully draftable product and a fun draft environment.

Our current cube in development is based on A Game of Thrones, and the first playable 180 card set is approaching its full release.

We offer our Print and Play PDF copies for free on our Discord, and those are available here for our Patrons as well. We really want to develop a passionate and interactive community to accompany us through our design process, and we'd like to get these cubes into your hands to play!

In addition to content in the form of cards, we plan on using Patreon as an outlet to write about the process of card design. Some articles will be written by Mike, others will be written by Paul- but they all will offer some insight into the behind the scenes aspect of design. We hope it can serve as a useful tool for other who would like to design their own cards. 
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At 50 Patrons we'll explore ways to get the community more involved in the design process, by things like polls or live Q&A sessions, and we'll try to make the whole process more interactive and transparent! (We have some ideas in the works, and will use the time it takes to get to 50 Patrons to iron those ideas out.)
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