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You get access to Patron feed, where you get access to Patron only messages and announcements from me, which will include some sneak peeks and insights into future content that will appear on the channel, before it's actually published! 

To put it in perspective, $1 a month is an equivalent of at least 1000 video views in ad revenue!

You also have my deep gratitude for helping me continue doing what I'm doing!
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For $5 a month you get to make a patron build challenge suggestion. Ones a month I will choose one of these and try my best to make it a reality. In addition you will be invited to the Monthly Extreme UHC together with the Hermits from Hermitcraft.

You also get rewards from all previous tiers!
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For $15 a month, you get your name in the endslate at the end of my videos as a patron. The endslate will be updated once a month, after Patreon finishes processing. Each new video uploaded and published in that month will have your name in the endslate! May not apply to certain types of videos (such as channel updates).

You also get rewards from all previous tiers!




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About Cubehamster

I'm Cubehamster and I've been creating videos on YouTube since 2011. I originally started my channel because I loved sharing some of my creations with amazing Minecraft community. Years later, it turned into something more than just a hobby. I usually focus on Redstone or Slimestone related videos but occasional also do other kinds of stuff.

I usually focus on strategy games more than on any other genre, but I do love gaming in almost every form. I upload new content every day, typically multiple times a day.

Thanks to the support of my amazing viewers, I've been able to turn this into a livable, full time job. I love what I do and that enjoyment has not diminished at all over the years, even after making tons and tons of videos. However, YouTube is not the best way to make a living as a smaller creator like myself, and ad revenue is very unreliable on top of that. Some months can be great, others not so much. Not to mentioned that original content like the things I make take a lot of time to produce.

This is where Patreon comes in. Patreon is a subscription system that allows you to donate a small amount each month to support the creators you enjoy (in this case - me!). By doing this you help me move away from having to rely on YouTube ad revenue, which allows me to put more effort into my content as well as not be constantly stressed about views.

Patreon donations are completely optional and I'm asking you to only pledge if you feel comfortable with it and have the means to do so. If you watch my content, you already support me in many other ways and Patreon will always be purely optional.


Patreon allows me to specify goals and targets for funding and I will be using them to specify goals for things I didn't feel secure enough doing when relying too much on ad revenue. However, I don't want you to feel pressured to achieve these goals in any way and for that reason, I will only put in goals that can actually be realistically achieved based on the current level of pledges. I will update them over time and always keep them realistic. Feel free to make suggestions if you would like to.


Rewards are listed below and they all come with my deep gratitude because you are the reason I can continue doing this. You can pledge at any tier you like and cancel at any time you want as well. If you are unable to pledge for any reason, do not worry - just the simple fact that you are watching my content supports me too! Please only pledge if you feel comfortable doing so!

$0 of $250 per month
If I get enough support I would like to start a highly technical Let's Play in Minecraft. Starting with at least one episode per week. The concept would basically be to slowly create secure base for all my contraptions.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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