is creating Women Self-Defense and Empowerment workshops in Latin America

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CuidaTuEspacio is a Central American project that started in May 2014 dedicated to providing Self-Defense with a gender perspective. The project is mainly focused on working with girls/women from 9 years and on, of diverse demographics, some of them survivors of sexual violence and in need of a safe environment to deepen in their own personal development and women's empowerment path. The project is not only oriented y physical Self-Defense, it's also focused on developing self-empowerment in the everyday life of women, and especially to recognize victim mentality in roles that have been imposed by a patriarcal society and to have the ability to access situations and decide and act in a smart, strategic and effective way out and to avoid them all together.
CuidaTuEspacio is a grassroots/ freelance project spearheaded by Colocha Estrada-Silva, a self-described lesbian feminist afrodescendant, and central american activist committed to a holistic approach as a self-defense facilitator. Colocha is a certified instructor in Self-Defense by the Krav Maga Society and a black belt in self-defense with the International Confederation of Martial Arts (CIAM), Tao del Equilibrio Academy and the El Salvador National Institute of Sports (INDES).

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CuidaTuEspacio started as a dream, almost three years ago when I was in the middle of a healing process, I met a young woman who was doing Feminist Self-Defense workshops I was already training Kick Boxing and so I participated in two of them.
In this workshops I learned how my body language influenced how I interact with people, to hear my voice when I want to say "No", to feel strong and understand martial arts in a different way, this was huge part of my healing process, so I started training martial arts in a deeper level, and began to understand that when we heal we need to heal in a holistic way, and by this I mean in a mental, psychological, emotional, physical and sometimes even a spiritual level.
The moment I realized that Self-Defense is a very practical tool to empowerment and self-knowledge I knew I couldn't stop.
So I started replicating the workshops throughout Central America and now after almost three years I have fully committed to CuidaTuEspacio (which could be translated to: Protect Your Space).
I have been doing a lot of my work pro-bono and now I came to realization that because of the high demand, I'm not able to financially sustain said work.
Basically this is a search for sustainability and autonomy, to be able to work with groups of women Autonomy is a big deal, specially if your moving around different countries.
I need your help so I can reach those places where women and girls have never even heard of Self-Defense, those places where violence and aggression had been naturalized and our rights are just pure theory.
My first goal is a monthly income of $1800, with this money I will be going to different communities first in Mexico then Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and then Colombia and will be used in different areas of research, traveling, publicity, social media, workshop facilitation, training and to keep developing a methodology that has the flexibility to change under different circumstances (this takes time inside the communities and in hotel rooms where I locked myself for hours/days to think what could be best for them after analyzing what they tell me and the things I see, this takes weeks or months, then present a strategy to the girls and see if it feasible and if they fell will be effective).
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