Samuel Cullado

is creating Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Novels

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My name is Samuel Cullado. I'm an author, filmmaker, and husband, and on occasion I have horrific, existentially compromising nightmares. I've always wondered why we dream, and where we "go" when we do so. I grew up in a religious household, and while my take on religion is something far more open-ended as an adult than it was as a child, the exposure to myth and dogma my childhood brought my way only intensified these questions.

This past year, I've released my first two novels, THE MANIFESTATION and CATALYST GIRLThe Manifestation introduces Mister Raphael, an enigmatic man with no face, and Catalyst Girl follows another faceless hero named Prospero, an alternate universe incarnation of Raphael. Raphael is a member of The Seven Seekers, gatekeepers of reality who keep everything together. The Seekers are our entry point into the stories I write, and while the names are different, you may begin to recognize them along your journeys. I am creating a shared multiverse, with the goal being multiple series that can be read independently of each other but can enrich and inform each other when read as a whole. 

If you like shows about mystery and what lies beyond like Twin Peaks orThe OA, if you like science fiction fantasies like Star Wars, Bioshock, or Metropolis, or horror favorites like Suspiria or Silent Hill, you may just enjoy my work.

I am actively selling my books on Amazon, but every dollar helps. My goal is to live off of my writing, and I intend to write 2-3 books every year. I am currently working on my third novel, and I have a fourth planned for later this calendar year.

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