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$1 is the baseline; I won't offer any tiers higher than this. That being said, if you want to help me further, then that's completely up to you.

This is to help me continue what I do. I work full time, but this is a show of support from anyone that enjoys my content, and would like to help fund me to create more.

I also love feedback, and value it just as much as any kind of material support. So let me know how I'm doing, what I could do better, or what you'd like to see me try out.

I'm a bit of an idiot, but I'm an honest one.




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About Cult Geek

Cult Geek was a community that I originally started in 2012 with a group of friends.

Life and a lack of time got in the way, and eventually everyone moved on to chase different goals in their lives. But in 2016, I decided to pick Cult Geek back up, and create a website and channel around it in order to provide fair, honest and open reviews and opinions on the gaming industry.

I run the site and channel completely by myself, and do this outside of my work life and at a small expense to myself. I love creating content, and I always enjoy hearing what people have to say about it. 

I've created this page in an attempt to help reduce the overheads that this costs me every month, so that I can continue to bring as much content as I can.

Anything will help, but most of all I'm grateful for the time people take to read my articles and watch my videos. If this page only servers to further my readership, then I'm more than happy with that!
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I love editing, but the Adobe Package that I use comes at a fair bit of an expense to me every month. $50 will actually help cover the cost of this, and will ensure that I never have to go through the pain of opening Windows Movie Maker (Sorry Microsoft) ever again in my entire life.

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