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I am a solo composer and engineer. I have a serious love for experimentation in music and my goal is to deliver fresh ideas with every track i release. I grew up in a small town, (where i still live) and i operate out of my home studio that i built. The ultimate goal is be able to take care of myself and my family, fully with music, and be totally immersed in the culture. If you enjoy my music, consider supporting it! Thanks for your time :)
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This much money would allow me to support my pregnant fiance and 3 year old daughter for the next month while i finish my album. At the moment im making a a classical album primarily with a piano, strings and harp. It will be titled "Happy Little Bee" for my baby that comes in July of this year. The art is done by my beautiful fiance and has been edited by a good friend of mine. My album will be on here and on bandcamp. I intend to have a ton of original artwork done for this album to reinforce the feelings i had while creating this. I want to make this as intimate as possible and i will be happy to interact with my patrons as much as possible. Ill be happy to offer lessons or livestreams of my process to those who support me. And i promise to continue making music and art as long as im able. I'm humbled by any amount you donate to my cause. <3
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