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Patreon Topic Voting & Ian's Blog
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 -- Choose a Podcast Topic!

Besides your support, YOU will help choose a topic for each podcast from a poll of choices. The video segment will be released early here on Patreon! 

 -- Ian's Weekly Blog - Writing, Stories, and Q&A

You will also get access to Ian's weekly blog writing - here he will discuss what's on his mind, customer stories, or even do a Q&A!

Complete Unnecessary Discord Chat!
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--Access the #CUPodcast Discord chat!

Hang out with those that love the #CUPodcast in the Completely Unnecessary Discord Chat! Ian will be there at times with Vani, Pat, and maybe even Max! :o

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Call-In Phone # Access & Exclusive Video Clips!
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--Leave a Phone Message for the #CUPodcast!

We'll take the best questions/comments and play them on the podcast and respond to them! You'll be provided the call-in # and we'll respond to questions/comments about once a month! The video clip will be released early on Patreon!

--Access to Exclusive Video Podcast Clips!

Sometimes there will be video clips that are not public on YT. They will still be uploaded here for your viewing pleasure!

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Video #CUPodcast Access!
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--Watch the Entire Podcast in Video Form! 

You can hear the entire audio podcast whenever you'd like, but this tier offers the podcast in FULL VIDEO. Uploaded usually within 24 hours of the audio podcast, these long-form videos include the intro, Pat & Ian discussing their personal life, trademark awkward transitions, outro, and every Q&A question for your viewing pleasure without breaks or cuts, or having to wait until individual YT uploads. 

This also includes all prior tier rewards!

Includes Discord rewards
Ian's Monthly Google Hangout
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--Hang Out with Ian!

Want to chat with Ian? He'll be available once a month to chat with you in a personal Google Hangout! Ask him questions about working in a game store, why Buffalo has the best wings, Spike, Mahjong, Pat's hair, or anything else you might want to!

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About Pat Contri & Ian Ferguson

Every week Pat Contri & Ian Ferguson discuss the latest in video game news, movies, comics, pro wrestling, retro game and collecting topics, and take Q&A from the audience! It's the Completely Unnecessary Podcast!

We recently passed our 100th episode landmark thanks to tremendous help from our patrons!

For over four years the Completely Unnecessary Podcast has been podcasting every two weeks covering all the topics you see above, providing fun times and entertainment for many. Unfortunately, podcasts are sometimes tough to generate revenue to pay for equipment and keep the lights on. Sponsors can help, but they are difficult to get and keep, while regular expenses like hosting fees, studio costs, new mics/equipment, etc. have to be accounted for. This is where you can help us, while also getting some bonus perks and content on top!

What is Patreon?
Patreon lets fans support their favorite creators by becoming patrons. Unlike other fundraising services, which raise for a single big event, Patreon is for creators who create a stream of smaller works.

Where will the funds go?
Besides direct support to Ian & Pat, funds from the Patreon will be used to go towards better gear to improve the visual quality of the show, podcast hosting fees, studio costs, help with trips to events where we record live podcasts and meet fans, and also go towards additional video content, such as a Let's Play show and the often-spoken and rumored legendary Ian's Happy Handhelds review show!

*If you would like to sponsor or advertise on the CUPodcast in either video or audio form please contact Pat Contri at [email protected]
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Let's Play!

We will act on an idea we had after the first NES Marathon and put out a Let's Play video at least once a month. This will be a show featuring Pat & Ian as they play games and have fun at each other's expense, and while also educating on the games they are playing with trivial knowledge, etc. Think of the fun times had during the NES Marathon... now think of it on YouTube!
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