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Hello Everybody !

I have been creating science and tech animation videos on my YouTube channel: Curious Reason. My primary objective is to try to help people and myself to think more critically and to think about hypothetical questions that we all used to daydream when we were kids. 

These videos take a very long time for me to create. Even though I produce 1 video a 2-3 weeks or so, behind the scenes it generally takes me between 100-120 hours to create each one. I am "one man army", so I work alone. I am thinking to make videos full time if somehow Youtube algorithm sees my channel and so I can sustain my expenses somehow. I love creating videos on science, technology and many diverse topics that I am genuinely interested in - this is what I love to do. I am trying to exponentially raise the quality of the videos, video after video. But there is a certain threshold which is not in my hands to control and that is: Hardware. Sometimes my hands seem tied up that I want to raise the quality but my hardware won't let me do it, to increase the quality of the hardware my pocket won't let do it. So I am in the Lose-Lose situation right now. I'd like to upgrade my hardware to improve video production quality. This is what this Patreon is for.

All the money that goes into this goes directly to operational costs for this channel. My current setup is pretty weak, the money will go to hardware upgrade and so to software equipment, video and software licenses, and other things. It only goes into helping better the content that you see on the YouTube channel.

Thank you to everybody who currently pledges or has pledged any amount or is considering pledging any amount in the future. It makes a huge difference for everybody including you :)
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At this level, I will be able to upgrade my hardware, currently, my hardware is Lenovo e560 Dos, 2015 yr, GCC version (8 GB RAM, 1 GB HDD, Screen: 1366×768, 2.6 GHz) It's very weak for Adobe CC apps (even for Adobe After Effects (animation software) 1366×768 resolution is below recommended), sometimes I have to shut it down for cooling in the middle of the animation process. I'll upgrade my setup which will double if not triple my productivity, so videos will be released more often without losing any quality. I'll have to buy a new mic which is more professional than the one I use right now, Adobe CC is also pretty darn expensive. If I'll reach this goal, video production will be improved dramatically in the form of better animations, better sounds and information, in general, will be able to be transmitted better this way.
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