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About The Cutaways Podcast

We are Ashley and Justine and we make The Cutaways Podcast!

We are best friends and film editors living in LA. We wanted an excuse to hang out more and watch fun movies that are both aimed at women and get a bad reputation for doing so. It's also important to us to have women's voices be a part of the greater conversation about films. So we got over our fears and insecurities and started this podcast.

We decided to watch nearly every Romantic Comedy on Netflix streaming, but we also got requests to add more essential-to-the-genre movies, so our list keeps growing and growing!

We have been making this podcast for over a year and haven't missed delivering a podcast every week! We are having fun exploring the history of Romantic Comedies often with music, guests, and games!

So if you're here you might know us but you might not know what Patreon is. Patreon is a platform for artists to get funding from their fans or ‘patrons’, on a recurring basis. If you want to pay for content we make, that's cool, if you don't, that's cool too.  We're not forcing anyone to pay and there still will be a podcast every week for everyone.  If you choose to donate, Patreon works as a monthly donation and you will be charged at the end of each month.

What are our plans for any financial assistance you may provide?
Already, there's a lot of steps to making this podcast magically appear on the internets every week.

We watch movies and record for a few hours on weekends. Even though we are professional editors, it still takes time trimming down the episode to make it sound the best. We also make sure that interact with our fans and friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Not to mention hosting fees. It does add up and of course we do it because we LOVE IT.
BUT with your support we can get better. Nearly all of our equipment is borrowed, and it's just the minimum that we need. Someday we'd like a mixer and more microphones for more guests.

But hey, we joined Patreon so we can also give you special goodies!!  

Check out our rewards section!! There's even a reward that lets YOU tell US what movie to watch. And we will, because a promise is a promise. Because you had us at hello. Because we like you just as you are.

Thanks for your support and thanks for joining the slumber party!!!
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We'll review 50 Shades of Grey just for you. -_-
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