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+ Get your name featured in "Flower Pot Crew" episodes as a garden sign post!

+ Download PSDs, WIPs, and HQs of various artwork

+ Read "Flower Pot Crew" episodes 1 week earlier than on Webtoon

Pretty Pottie
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  • Download PSDs, WIPs, and HQs of various artwork

+ Get your own unique pottie icon for your own personal use (one time only!) and get your pot and name featured in "Flower Pot Crew" episodes!

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About Cute Prawn Studios

About Me

Hello! We are Cute Prawn Studios, which is founded by Saby and Kerin. We both enjoy drawing and telling stories through our art, and so decided to create Cute Prawn Studios to publish our webcomics as well as make cute merchandise. We hope that you enjoy our works, and that seeing them will make you say "cute, xia!" (xiá translates to prawn in Chinese, and is a slang we use in Singapore to show exasperation/exaggerate something!)

We are based in sunny Singapore, and are currently working on our webcomic "Flower Pot Crew"! We have also made merchandise of them, and they can be found on our online store.

Flower Pot Crew

"Flower Pot Crew" is a webcomic posted on once every two weeks, and will always be free to read. It is based on the story surrounding Casper and Ben, and their adventures growing up in Singapore. Through my Patreon, I hope to share many bits and pieces of "Flower Pot Crew" with you! Any support will also fund for efforts in focusing to upload longer episodes weekly in the near future :-)

How will I get my rewards?

Most rewards are uploaded on the feed for specific tiers, and you will get them throughout the month. Monthly wallpapers ($3 tier) will be sent to you after your pledge has gone through, so e.g. for November's monthly wallpaper, you will be sent the wallpapers in early December once your pledge has successfully gone through on the 1st of the following month! 

For the name signpost and potties on my comic, they will be shown at the end of each episode as long as you continue to pledge (after your charges have officially gone through). All custom potties ($3 tier) will be sent once your pledge has gone through on the 1st of the following month.

How can I use my rewards?

Everything I post online and on Patreon is free for personal digital use, for example as avatars, wallpapers, screensavers, etc. Please do not redistribute my artwork anywhere else, print out my artwork without my permission, or make a profit out of it. Thank you!
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all patrons will get to submit sketch ideas and i'll be sketching out a few of them!
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