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When you don't have a lot of money, you're "insane".  When you have a lot of money, you're "eccentric"
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About cuzzbuzzla

This is your "not for your average bear" Patreon.  We make "cutting-edge" look mild and ho-hum.  Our first 4 projects are developing a brand new economic system, different from any before (95% done, been working on it for 20 years), a deep space novel that will knock your socks off, a way to end homelessness in America that is so simple people will wonder why we didn't do it years ago, at no taxpayer expense, and a cigarette-vaping kiosk franchise opportunity that could make a lot of money.  We don't really care if we're controversial if our stuff works.  And we will be models of civility and politeness in the process.  Like a good long-shot with class?  Then we're for you.  Thanks to all who took the time to read.  Join us and I'll share much more info.  We believe we will be movers and shakers very soon.

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