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A simple friendly gesture towards me and my work. If you want to stay anonymous, that is fine. Otherwise let me know if you happened to take this out and I will give you my personal thanks!

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Like legionary, this provides an easy way to support my work. I will give you my personal thanks and if you wish, some personal advice for any story you are writing, tabletop game you are running (or even developing!)

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Like the previous two tiers; with the added benefit of looking behind the scenes on how I plan out any quest that I write, plot hooks I have in reserve or even spoil yourself on the secrets behind some characters. You may also collaborate with me on a character or concept in your quest/game (or even mine!)




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About Cvltvre

Hey, I am Cvltvre. I like to write various forms of fiction and have several thousand (7K+) hours worth of experience running and playing in tabletop games. Creating written content such as works of interactive fiction (commonly known as Quests), new tabletop RPGs and/or homebrews as general TRPG advice is a hobby for me. I really don't need the money, but if you would like to support me then that is a-okay!
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I'll try to make a new tabletop system that fits within the setting of one of my quests; or is a general use system! It will be completely free (with the possible exception of physical books) and be open source once finished.
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