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About Cyanidas

Someone with a story to tell

Worldbuilding is my biggest passion!

I'm generally heavily interested in animation, videogames, and comics - so those are big things to expect from me.

I'm currently working on developing an original webcomic series,  CyQuest - an emotional post-apocalyptic mahou shojou/shonen story set on an alien world.

In addition, I'm developing the characters and stories for many other original worlds that I hope to bring to life one way or another!

[About Cyanidas]
My name is Gabriel. I'm a trans guy living in midwestern USA. My art and stories are an extension of who I am, so whether my projects are silly or serious, my skill means a lot to me.

I often love to explore outside of my field of art, into things like sound design, music production, voice acting, singing, dancing, cosplay, poetry, writing, and much, much more.

[Where your support is going]
Donations will always be put towards something that will sustain or improve the quality of life for me, my partner, and my lovely kitty. I plan on using any money to buy groceries, toiletries, cat food/litter/etc, or even save up for things like furniture (we have nearly none) or appliances.

Stick around, share your impressions with me, or just sit back and enjoy the art.

You mean everything to me.

Have a question? Message me on Discord @ Cyanidas#4527 or email me here!
Want to submit a one-time donation? Consider my Ko-Fi!
$9 of $50 per month
Around this much a month would be put towards vital things, like medical costs, food and supplies for my cat, medication, toiletries and hygiene products, and other home supplies (like dishes, tools, furniture from GoodWill, etc).
Basically, this much a month helps keep me and my partner alive.
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