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About Cyberpsyche Podcast

The Cyberpsyche podcast is the brainchild of Milton Ordakowski III, a young man who was born on the day that the World Wide Web went public, and has grown up straddling the philosophical fault line between life before the Internet, and the digital age that almost all of us now subscribe to, in various different ways. He is here to discuss how technology affects us in ways both big and small, but wants to stay as objective as humanly possible.

Almost every news article you hear about smartphones and the Internet and the digital age either has a negative spin put on it, or is too cautious to really consider how to frame the situation properly. The self-concerned parts of the human brain will want to utilize these things for their potential advantages, but he thinks there is balance to be found between both the realities of current life with these devices, and a future where we can employ these things more thoughtfully. Let's be real about this. It's not like they're going away. It is up to us to learn how they really fit into our lives and how they're guiding us.

He is not any sort of licensed professional in digital addiction or psychology, but he has always been fascinated by the topics and conversations around digital addiction, considering that he has experienced those feelings and behaviors firsthand, and has constantly struggled with balancing them out in his own life. While professionals are putting material out to the world about these issues, Milton feels that there is more potential for a community online where we can share our own stories with digital addiction with each other, and help each other with advice based on our own personal experiences.

For the time being, this will just be a podcast run by Milton himself, but there is ambition present to grow the podcast's brand into something greater that can really make an impact, not just for those who grew up and were handed technology, but for the ones who were born into this world without any conception of what life was like without it. We don't need to revert to a pre-digital age, but we certainly need to consider how to prevent the loss of any good qualities that are now potentially endangered.

These tools were made by people to be used, but we need to ensure that the tools don't use us if we don't want them to.

Let's talk about it!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Cyberpsyche podcast.

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