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I started YouTube when I was 5 years old. My first channel's name was EvanAwesomeness and I had no subscribers. When I turned 13 I decided to make a new channel call TinyBoxTim (as I was and still am a HUGE Markiplier fan. That channel ended up growing  and is now what it is today. It is not to large yet, but I have high hopes for what we will be able to do in the future. Then one day I was at the movie theater and they said the word "Cyclone" and I clicked. With the Patreon I hope that you my viewers out there may help me grow to be what I imagined when I started YouTube. The tiers included in my Patreon are... $1: Name is included in my Thank you video monthly $5: Name is written on an piece of paper in the back of my room $15: Early access to my videos $30: Personalized video by me and special role in discord server called... "The Almighty Patron"   
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