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About Keith

I'm Keith! If you're here, you already know what I'm about, but let me break it down for you just in case you're new... (welcome, by the way)
I'm a thirty-something that quit my career of 11 years to move to a country I've never been to, that speaks a language I didn't know, to pursue the highest degree available. PHEW!! Seems like a melt-down, right? Well, it was a case of feeling "stuck" at my job for a few years, and deciding to finally do something about it. I'm now fulfilling several dreams of mine. Living and learning a new culture, learning another language, and getting my Doctoral degree in Psychology. 
So here I am! I'm living in Portugal and am working on my research in positive psychology. My dream is to eventually return to the US and put my research interests into action by creating education intervention programs of various kinds. But before I come back!!!!!!! I want to take FULL advantage of living in Europe. 
Luckily, my passion is making and editing video. 
Let me be honest about something, I am not independently wealthy, and my income right now comes from sporadic jobs teaching English and editing papers. 
Here's where you come in. 
By supporting me, I will have the means to bring you more videos about traveling around Europe, discovering all the hidden gems that don't always make it to travel agents, and how to do it affordably. (Hopefully you also enjoy my art, my humor, my dashing good looks, and just want to support me making more videos.) 
How will I use your contributions: 
Updating my equipment. Hiring (frankly, more talented) people to help me make my content amazing. Travel expenses (note: on. a. budget.) But most importantly, I will use your contributions to help me pay my tuition, my rent, and to... well, eat. Help me achieve my dream, and I promise to bring you along on my journey, in the most entertaining way I know how. 
Thank you for just considering to support me. And for those ready to click the support button, Thank you for your sincere generosity. 
Most humbly,
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1% complete
I'll be able to afford all my living expenses, and THEN I will update all my equipment to bring you better quality videos. Woo! 4K ALL DAY! 3D! VR! AR! AMANAPLANACANALPANAMA!
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