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Pigeons are great, underappreciated animals.  Like them, you're making my life a little easier. 

Here you'll get to see some sketches, some more personal art I didn't want to show publicly, photos from events I attend and other  things I think of along the way.

So thank you!

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You might have noticed I love coyotes. 

I'm not native so I don't have a spirit animal, coyotes must be my patronus then.

You're my also sorta patronus now by helping me out.

You'll get everything tier 1 does. But you also get first access to things like stickers! Be sure to share your shipping address with me because every new sticker design I make, you're getting sent some!

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You get everything tier one and 2 do, but you also get prints! Every block print I make, you'll get sent one. 




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About Cynical_Coyote

I'm Cynical_Coyote, or CJ.
I am currently an illustration student who focuses on the plight of animals used by humans.
If you'd like to support a starving artist like me, thank you!

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At this point I could have a more stable situtation as an artist and worker :) 
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