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Fleshing out lore, forming human connections, this is something media has a tendency to skip over to tell a very specific, insulated story. But what about all those other people? What about the blacksmith that almost died, or the little girl that lost her family because of the actions of the hero.
This is what I do. I give stories to the people the screen forgets. I breathe life into the scenes that served a specific purpose and flesh out the vague details of a half-remembered story about a blade or a set of armor.
Most of my work would include writing about already established worlds and characters in a way I perceive them. Most of my work involves an OC that interacts with the world.
There is a work that I would love to work on outside of these fanfictions, however. Pledges would provide me inspiration and breathing room to work on the original work and perhaps even convince my artist to draw some illustrations or even comic pages out of what I write.

Besides that, I enjoy spending time replaying video games from the SNES era and up and talking about how much I loved them and the design choices I think work and don't work and that sort of thing. My artist and I played through a lot of a Hard Mode ROM Hack of Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP. I also did a full playthrough of Secret of Mana and I intend to play a lot of other games, like Xenogears and Secret of Evermore and I have to finish FF6.

As I am currently in Japan, I don't have access to good enough hardware to do the livestreaming, video editing, jewelry-making, etc. These will be put on hold until we get back to the states and acquire new hardware and such.

Most pledge funds would probably go toward video editing software for the Let's Plays and hardware upgrades for the artist and myself.

I would be more than happy to take commissions.
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Thank you video. Because hey, you guys made it so I can buy my medicine every month without help.
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