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is creating a way for fans to help us out
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you get to join me on Call Of Duty: Black Ops3 for PS4 or Xbox or CSGO on pc (just message me on twitter saying who you are)
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you can be in a live stream on twitch 




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About Cyro Clan

we love all our fans i was getting asked if there was a way to donate for a long time now. well now there is. i will like to say thanks soooo much to every one that donates it will help us a lot                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NOTE: (ALL THE MONEY MADE HERE WILL BE FOR EVERY ONE IN THE CLAN)
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im trying to get a team house for my clan. me and the team are working  together to come up with the money to get the house and i made this as a way for fans to help us with our dream to be and Pro Team 
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