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You fools won't last a day without an adept. The artifacts you keep are very dangerous. Best if I handle them. You don't want that thing to explode in your face, do you?


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About d20.rs

Hello, and thank you for checking out my Patreon page!

My datasphere name is Koan Mandala, and I run d20.rs - A blog about Cypher System RPG. There, with the little help of my friends, I write about all things Cypher.

As a patron of this blog, you will help alleviate operational costs, enable better art, and fuel other ideas that will help d20.rs grow into awesomeness!

In return, you will be getting a behind the scenes insight, early access previews, opportunity to vote on future content, and occasionally we will write a piece tailored just for you!

Thank you for being an awesome human!

Forever beholden,

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