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Giving you my Thanks, for making my Comic to happen.
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Giving you my Thanks and I will design you 1 Pony Vector of your choosing, and will be featured in the future comics.




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I'm the Mod of the Comic series of Melissa and the BAND, A Comic Adventure Gaming Ask Blog, that takes places where 10 Humans and a long lost Pegasus, goes on a mission to the Universe of Equestria, and stop any evil villians that are trying to wreck havoc in the Pony World. Along with the help of the MPA, Mutltiverse Protection Agency, the portals are appearing randomly that connects to the different universes, and they must close them before the Universe Collide... and maybe the BAND could finally be able to perform their music throughout the Universe.

I'm the type of person that likes to create designs, create new OCs, making Music, some animation and a lot of crating stuff... no not Minecraft..... I been trying to make a living with by working at a fast food place, but with personal stuff going on in real life gets in the way, I need to take care of myself sometimes, such as bills, rent, and other types of payments, they always leaves me almost broke, there's never enough for myself. There are thing I been wanting to do, I am indeed a Semi-Retired Pro Wrestler, probably want to get back into it again, it would make me happy. I would thank you guys for your support.
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My goal is to buy a drawing tablet with a screen on it.... hopefully
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