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On December 15th, 2018 my mom passed away. In trying to cope with the loss, I decided to work on something as a tribute to her. It had to be something that I enjoy spending time on so that I can always turn to it to keep her in my thoughts and stay positive.

One thing I've enjoyed for a long time is designing programming languages. So, I'm designing an open source programming language built around all of the things that make me enjoy programming, and I'm dedicating it to her. Her name was Bonnie, but everyone called her Bon, so that is the name of the language.

The reason I'm asking for support is because I'm an entrepreneur that is supporting a wife and 2 year old son on very little money, and some funding would allow me to dedicate time to this project every week.

I'm still working out the details, but I've pushed the first prototype to GitHub. Thank you for reading, and considering supporting this very personal tribute.
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Your contribution will be key to ensuring that this project gets the support that it deserves. As a thank you, I'll give you:

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When this goal is reached, I will build, launch, and maintain a dedicated site for the Bon programming language, including an official package repository.
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