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Hey gang!

So, being a DaArk Patreon gets you all of my exclusive tips & tutorials on:
      Van Builds
      Living on the Road (parking, hygiene, entertainment)
      Working Out/Health
      Becoming an Entrepreneur
      And more topics to come.... 

Get Prints of my professional photos from being on the road.

Tell me the topics YOU want me to cover and I'll make vids, exclusive from you on Patreon.

Get your IG/Twitter or whatever you want credited in my vids, as a supporter!

Whether you're with me for the entertainment, real-world tips & tutorials or to bring the hate to even out the duality, thanks for furthering the longevity of the production of it all!

Feel free to give what you like, anything helps while I'm out on the road producing these vids. 

Thanks & PEACE!
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