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The reason I want to make this Patreon is because someone suggested me it on June 2012 when my very first webcomic, Year of the Cow, went into a hiatus for 4 long years due to life problems and being jobless. Now that me and Steve (my writer) are improving our works over time, it's about time we can let this webcomic come out of hiatus with your help and support in a huge way.

Year of the Cow Webcomic - There are two versions of my webcomic, my original 2010 webcomic that was originally posted from Smackjeeves on my Deviantart account and the 2011-2012 Petite Symphony webcomic hosting which became Comics Break and it became unavailable. But the good news is that you can see all of my 15 pages in my dropbox to check it out. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uyw5j4g73ijqifr/AADaRcqveBNqcvthgdOrYLVRa?dl=0
This webcomic is going to be very visually different than the previous two since I'm still learning and improving on colors, artstyle, and storyboarding from the current animated shows I watched. There might be a page redraw of one of my comic pages and the first concept art in the future, so keep an eye on it. Where it's going to be posted might be on either Comics Break or Tapastic. I'll have to talk to someone about it.

Youtube DYW14 - Ever since my Splatoon Animatic Spongebob SplafestSplatoon Animatic Spongebob Splafest video gained a lot of positive feedback on youtube and tumblr due to timing, I was able to make more videos on my channel every week that is almost reaching to 3,000 subs. There's going to be a Character Design tutorial video  series that I want to make since the PPG reboot came out and everyone's so tired of it that I want to make something else instead. But I've already did 4 of these on my twitter and tumblr. There's going to be an upcoming Pokemon Animatic for the Sun/Moon release date, November 18th at midnight. Break down analysis videos is something I want to try in the future for Steven Universe, Gumball, other animated shows that I have or haven't watched yet.
Anime Opening Parody Animatics was something I would like to make as well, but which one is it will have a specific WIP. I want to introduce my YotC webcomic to my new subscribers without spoilers with the help of my growing youtube channel as either speedpaint videos or where the inspirations came from. There's going to be topic videos and top 10 videos specifically animation and possibly anime.

Mystery Second Webcomic - During my hiatus, a new second webcomic IP was created but still in conception with it's themes and motifs and the brainstorming. I'll explain how it got created in a future video.

Social Media - I mostly use twitter to chat with other artists and webcomic creators of
they're progressing and posting drawings and stuff. Tumblr is my main blog for reblogging
helpful tutorials that I need and other things as references and inspirations, and
posting my work there. You can always ask me and Steve for questions there.
I have my own instagram to post my process of my art, short fan edits, and WIPs.
Deviantart, I'll have to post more of my work a lot since there's so many groups to join
and post it on.

That's all the stuff I can put into this description.

NOTE: Forgot to mention Game Grumps Animatics, there's going to be more of these in the future when the moment is right. Might even do other podcast moments in the future. :)

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A first 15 pages of Year of the Cow redrawn from scratch.
  • Posted before release date with 2 promo arts from me, Patreon promo art and regular.
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