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About Dabey

The project Dabey gives me the opportunity to easily translate emotions into sounds. Music is always therapy for me. So I'm very excited to start my new Patreon page. But first of all, let me tell you what I do:

In addition to various analog and digital synthesizers, I like to use the acoustic guitar and a mix of samples and field recordings. Everything completely relaxed. My music should invite you to ground yourself again, to get away from the cries of the world. That's my claim to the project.

The basic musical idea is to unify synthetic sounds and classical instruments and bring them into harmony. For this, various instruments are recorded live. You can find a lot of soulful improvisation in the music. The improvisation as a free game often brings out the most beautiful emotions that you can capture. I love the music for that. That is also the reason why some sounds are not screwed down until they drop. The sounds of the instruments should be refined - not changed.

It seems that music in many genres is relatively close to the listener these days. You also like talking about picking up the consumer. I deliberately distanced the music. This makes it special at first, but it has the potential to bring the listener in and accompany him into another sphere. This takes more time and therefore it is important to take care of it. No fast number.

So come with me on a trippy tour trough the next years and I will say: Thank you for believing in my music. Thank you for making this art possible.
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When I reach my first 100 patrons, I'll hire an mixing engineer to bring up my skills to top level.
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