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As he reached his terrible two, my son Lorenzo (Lolo) entered the dimension of language. I felt we could communicate at a level that up to that moment had been a motherly monopoly. Our conversantions became our favourite game; our thing. Around our everydayness, my writing began to grow: dialogues, new experiences, amazing fails, LOLs and everything in between. Other dads are great photographers, encyclopaedic home-video producers, sportsmen and a jillion different things. But I can make more sense of our experience together as I write about it. Time went by and this logbook grew thicker. In a few years, he will be happy (well, I hope he will) to know that his dad was really dazzled by him. Focus shifts as he grows up, but the greatest delight comes from the shattering of the standard adult worldview with sheer literalness: a word is a thing, always the same thing. Context? Nonsense! Child development is, among many other things, growing a wider context, putting together that quite uncommon thing called commonsense.

There is another good reason I started this project besides fatherly love: having a child was the beginning of the most important ongoing transformation in my entire life. As you hit thirty-something, the world starts to feel much more predictable, solid, with definite edges... and then this little someone appears, turns everything inside out and teaches you a lesson: you know nothing, or as Lolo would have said: you never "knewed" it. But at least I got to know him pretty well and he does not cease to amaze me. I am also sure that each father has a fountain of marvel. Each and every kid is a unique wonder of this world. No exception, at all. If this does not strike you as crystal clear, I strongly recommend to put down your cell phone for a while and dedicate some serious time to play.  

Last but not least, my intention was also to place the father, the man at the heart of the upbringing story. We may allow ourselves the full range of tenderness and fondness, a really tight link to our kids. It is possible to give shape to a relationship without a known model through unprejudiced and loving invention. Finally, I dedicate these posts to the divorced subset. I am sure most of us wanted to give our kids a traditional family environment when we invited them into existence. But it turned out differently and here we are. They couldn't care less about our great designs for a typical family life. They are here also to let us learn one thing: that giving unconditional love is the closest thing to happiness we will ever experience.

You might have noticed already that English is not my first language. No matter how many books in English I read, real life is where idioms are coined, so I am sure you will find many odd expressions here and there. Feel free to point them out. The big challenge for me will be to translate everyday satori moments that happen in Spanish, still the only language Lolo and I share. Hope we get ourselves found rather than lost in translation.

Hope you enjoy our ravings. But if you don't, just let everyone you dislike know about us. 

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